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April 2016 Wheelie Bins Update - Ealing

article-2539639-1AAD7EC400000578-635 306x303For Ealing Residents - The majority of the borough will move to a new recycling and rubbish collection system from Monday, 6 June. Residents are being asked to look out for a personalised letter from the Council explaining their new services.

Residents need to let the Council know which bin choices they favour before April 28. Details of the options available are laid out below.

Under the new regime starting on June 6, rubbish and recycling will now be collected from wheelie bins on alternate weeks, while food waste will continue to be collected weekly. So the rota will be:

  • rubbish and food waste one week
  • recycling and food waste the next.

Ealing Council is running a slightly different policy for the ‘Recycling’ and the ‘General Rubbish’ bins. The Council's original plan was to issue each property in Bedford Park with 2 x 240 litre size wheelie bins to use for rubbish and recycling on alternate weeks. (Note - the Council website refers to the 240L bins as 'Standard' size whereas in much of the discussion in Bedford Park they have been referred to as 'Large'). 


However, many residents have pointed out that a blanket supply of one size bin does not reflect the mixture of houmes in Bedford Park. The Council has therefore been allowing residents to request a different size General Rubbish wheelie bin and there are two other options available. The full list of available 'General Rubbish' bins is as follow:

  • The Smaller Wheelie Bin is 140 litres (or 140L), which holds approximately three bags of rubbish.
  • The Standard Wheelie Bin is 240L bins hold approximately five bags of rubbish and measure.
  • The Large Wheelie Bin is 360 litre (360L) ones hold approximately seven full rubbish bags.

For more details on sizes and capacities see here.  The option to change to a smaller or large bin is on the Ealing Council website here.


Up till a recent intervention by Residents, there was only one option for the 'Recycling' bins, which was the 240 Litre 'Standard' size wheelie bins (once again please note that the BPS insist on calling these 'Large'). Ealing Council have now agreed that if Residents are happy to supply their own, they they will allow a smaller size 'Recycling' bin to be used with the folllowing caveats.

  • The council are informed of this decision (so that they don't deliver an unwanted 240L Recycling bin to your property) by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please explain that you are a Bedford Park resident, giving your name and address and stating that you want to cancel the 240L Recycling bin because you are purchasing your own.
  • The Recycling Bin must be a different colour from the existing bins (ie not grey/black or green) and must be available for use by 6 June when the new waste collection regime begins.
  • The new bins must be clearly marked 'Recycling'.  Rather than hand marking the bins, we have listed where to buy the formal Recycling' stickers to go with the bins here



Wheelie bins are being delivered throughout May. All requests for different sized bins, reassessments of outside space or to share a bin with a neighbour made after 22 April will not be processed until all of the wheelie bins are delivered. Please continue with your request and we will process it after 6 June when the new service starts.

The bins are being put on show over the next few weeks Residents can visit the stall to take a look at the new wheelie bins, talk to council officers about how the new service will work


For more information about the new rubbish and recycling service changes, go to  We know many of you find it convenient to use social media, so the council has launched a Facebook page devoted to the new collection service at Residents that ‘like’ the page will receive updates as the service changes over and useful tips on how to recycle more. If you prefer not to link to the Council, then we will be reposting anything useful on the BPRA facebook page here.