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Thames Tunnel Update

Thames Tunnel Update

A quick update on the Thames Tunnel project which is proposed for behind the houses on Abinger Road.  If you are unsure of the details, then the Thames Tunnel project, as described by Thames Water, can be found on their web site here.

The Preliminary Meeting on the application for development consent was held in September 2013 by the Planning Inspectorate. A decision is on this application expected in late summer/early autumn 2014. In the meantime, a number of other hearings are taking place and the process by which the rights to tunnel under or near our gardens is being started.

All the major public hearings are being held rather unhelpfully in Westminster, Southwark, Deptford or Tower Hamlets. This reflects the fact that the elements that affect Bedford Park are merely the Western parts of a project that cuts across the whole of London.

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