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Interim Results From Oktoberfest Survey

"Survey results show small majority of Residents in favour of the Oktoberfest proposal"

The interim results are available from the the BPRA consultation on the proposed Oktoberfest event to be held on Acton Green adjacent to Turnham Green. (See survey here). The survey results to date show a small majority in favour of the council granting at least a one-off permission for the organisers to hold the event. 

Chart Q1 160314The survey has been running for the last 4 weeks and links to it have been mailed to all BPRA members.  The link was also sent to other local groups including the Bedford Park Society (BPS) and the local press. 

To date we have had 104 responses. As you can see from the results on the left, 70% of respondents were Bedford Park Residents and the majority of the remainder were from a wider Chiswick area but who use Acton Green for leisure.  


The top line results showed that 56% were in favour of some form of event taking place.  This breaks down as follows:

11% said that they should be given blanket permission to host the event this year and in future years.Chart Q2 160314

45% of respondents felt that they should be given a one-off permission as a trial to see how the event affected the local community.

30% said they weren’t against more events being held on Acton Green but that the Oktoberfest was innappropriate.

14% or respondents didn't believe the Council should give permission for any more events on Acton Green.



Chart Q5 160314There was a mixed response to whether local residents would actually benefit from the event or attend the festivities.  40% of respondents said they would definitely attend, rising to 50% if it proved successful in the first year. 

This survey has one more week to run before the final report is created.  If you would like to participate, please go to the survey here. Bedford Park Residents Association will then be looking to canvas opinion among local businesses on whether the favour holding the event.