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Oktoberfest Follow Up Survey

Following the BPRA survey on opinions about the Oktoberfest when it was still a proposal (see original articles here) we are pleased to offer members and residents of Bedford Park another opportunity to lodge their opinion now that the event has happened.

Interim Results From Oktoberfest Survey

"Survey results show small majority of Residents in favour of the Oktoberfest proposal"

The interim results are available from the the BPRA consultation on the proposed Oktoberfest event to be held on Acton Green adjacent to Turnham Green. (See survey here). The survey results to date show a small majority in favour of the council granting at least a one-off permission for the organisers to hold the event. 

Survey On Proposed Oktoberfest

As outlined on our site in December, Ealing Council has received a proposal to run an Oktoberfest style event on Acton Green (see article below or click here).  The proposal has generated a mixed reaction, with many Residents against the proposa, but others voicing support.  There is also mixed reaction amongst shopkeepers and local businesses.  Click below to complete our survey of local opinion on the proposal.

The Oktoberfest Proposal


A proposal has been made to Ealing Council to host an an ‘Oktoberfest’ event next summer on Acton Green adjacent to Turham Green Station. This is a second approach from the promoter, a German entrepreneur named Carsten Raun.

Ealing Council have previously consulted with the BPRA, Acton Green Residents Association (AGRA) and the BPS on the suitability of the application.  On that occasion all the groups raised concerns about the suitability of Acton Green for a variety of reasons.

For this revised application two local Councillors Andrew Steed and Gary Busuttil attended a meeting with Ealing Council Events Dept at Ealing Town Hall, along with BPRA and AGRA representatives where we had a chance to meet Carsten Raun, hear his explanation of the event and discuss the details of the proposals.