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New Map of Listed Properties In BP

We have a new map available to play with showing a live feed of all the listed properties in Bedford Park.  The map is fully interactive and allows you to click on an icon and pull up a picture and description of the building in question. It also covers more than just buildings, listing the phone box outside St Michael's And All Angels (which for those of you intrigued is a 1935 K6 Model, called the 'Jubiliee model' See more information here:

The map was put together by data and mapping expert Dan Cookson - @danc00ks0n - using a data set that has been made available to developers by Historic England.  The map also includes information on the Blue Plaques in the area using data made available by   Dan's map actually covers the whole of the UK but he has kindly shared the Bedford Park section with us.

Please click the 'Read More' for more information or Click here to see the map in full screen.

Note:  The map is based on a live feed of the English Heritage data and merely reports what English Heritage is telling the world.  If you identify errors in the data shown on the map, this will be reflecting underlying errors in the English Heritage data and you need to take this up with directly English Heritage. There is an English Heritage web page for dealing with mistakes or requests for minor amendments here:


On the site they ask that you send any requests for changes to: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your email to them needs to include:

- The List Entry number for their property

- Any relevant information supporting their request, such as photographs or copies of documents



Last Updated on 08 August