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New Map of Listed Properties In BP

We have a new map available to play with showing a live feed of all the listed properties in Bedford Park.  The map is fully interactive and allows you to click on an icon and pull up a picture and description of the building in question. It also covers more than just buildings, listing the phone box outside St Michael's And All Angels (which for those of you intrigued is a 1935 K6 Model, called the 'Jubiliee model' See more information here:

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Chiswick Calendar EU Referendum Debate

Monday 16 May 2016

Tabard Theatre, Bath Road 7.30 pm

aa2fe7 91c862e9a9af4f46bca8d4eb614ae34dThe Chiswick Calendar is hosting a live EU Referendum debate, here in Bedford Park, on 16th May.  Hosted by BBC News presenter Julian Worricker, the debate brings together a panel representing politics, business and journalism to discuss the most important political decision of a generation: Should we go or should we stay? 

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Bedford Park Street Parties


Bla 1Bedford Park is slowly learning how to hold street parties!  It has previously proved difficult to hold parties, particularly in the Ealing parts of BP.  But Hounslow pioneering easy permits, Ealing has had to ease up on restictions. With no traffic, no parked cars, children playing freely, grown ups relaxed and chatting, it’s like taking a step back into times gone by – a return to life in the slow lane.

In 2015 we saw six street parties taking place in Bedford Park – Marlborough Crescent, Lonsdale Road, Fairfax Road, Flanders Road, Priory Gardens – and the parents of Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School celebrated the school’s centenary with their first-ever street party in Priory Avenue and Gardens.  

It is really noticeable just how enthusiastic people are about their parties. It’s not just that they are fun. Everyone involved thinks they are important in providing a shared history, mixing all the age groups and giving the children the freedom to play outdoors with the other kids on the street – something that used to be taken for granted.  People feel their roads are happier, more sociable and secure places as a result. Click on the button below to read more about the parties and see the photos.

For tips on how to organise your own street party, click: street parties information.

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New Community Group Launches

BPCGLogoSquareWe are very please to announce the launch of a new community group headed up by the recent BPRA Chairman Hugh Johnson.

According to their social media profile, the Bedford Park Community Group will be addressing 'loneliness and disaffection amongst older, retired people in Bedford Park with a particular focus on teaching digital skills'.  To follow them please go to the Facebook page here or the Twitter feed @BedfordParkCG.

We look forward to working together to reduce the number of people struggling with digital illiteracy in Bedford Park.BedfordParkCG

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A Halloween Night Recap

 A Halloween Night Recap

By Karin Salvalaggio

When I tell my American friends what Halloween is like on our street in Bedford Park they stare at me in disbelief. It puts any Halloween experience they’ve had in the shade. Most say they’re lucky if a dozen kids come by their homes. The thought of hundreds children in fancy dress knocking on their door in a single evening is inconceivable.

But on our street we do not do things by halves.

Every Halloween we decorate our houses and carve pumpkins. We also purchase enough sweets to keep the Harley Street dentists smiling. Every year we think we’ve finally bought enough and every year we have too little. The children just keep on coming.

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