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First House History Logs Launched

1911Census-4LonsdaleWe are making slow but exciting progress with our social history project - the 'Bedford Park House Histories'.  We have successfully accessed Census records from 1939, 1911 and 1901 for all our participants, giving them an insight into who lived in their homes  since they were built. We have also brought together the information from the local history society and library and a group of local historians to add to the information our participants can access.  

The most exciting development is that we have now rolled ChimniHouseHistoryLogout our first 20 test House Logs to participants in the project. You will see from the illustration on the right (and the more detailed example below) that they contains background information on Bedford Park, on the road names and a set of Census entries for each property.

Project participants take control of their own logs prepared by the team and can then add more details or their home history that they may be aware of.  These can include details held on their property deeds or any other documents they have detailing occupants of their homes.  We are encouraging residents to use the project to share any information they have with their neighbours and through one of our local project partners, Fingertips, we are helping them to digitise any old photos or documents they may possess.

If you would like to join in the project and get one of the online logs please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full Scale Example Of A History Log