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Projects & Activities

How Do We Categorise Our Histories?

This page is intended to help our resident historians structure the information they collect into searchable data. This will help us build the central Bedford Park resource and website that will be the public front page for the project (although you have the final say on what information is made public and what is kept private.

BPRA Launch House History Initiative

The BPRA commissions house-historian Melanie Backe-Hansen to help Residents discover the hidden stories of Bedford Park

LAUNCH EVENT:  8th September 2016 at High Road House 6.30PM

Family-History-bannerThe Bedford Park Residents Association are very excited to announce the first steps of our family history programme – the Bedford Park 'House History Initiative'. This intended as the first of a number of projects aimed at connecting the families who live in Bedford Park today with the people who lived in their homes in times past.

Intended as a project for all ages, we will be providing materials for families and children as well as for more serious historians. The house histories will complement the great work done by the BPS on the architectural history of Bedford Park with a focus on the personal and family histories of people who have lived here.