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What we are about

What we are about

The Bedford Park Residents' Association is open to all residents in Bedford Park and its borders. The purpose of the Association is to work on behalf of the local community for the betterment of the area and its residents. It is an active, democratic, non-political group. The Association celebrates the present vitality of Bedford Park, as well as its history, and will complement the work of the Bedford Park Society.

1. We aim to give residents a voice on local issues that are important to you. As a co-ordinated group, we can lobby much more effectively with a unified voice. 

How is this achieved?

  • The Bedford Park Residents' Association aims to be an active, democratic group working in two-way communication with our members, canvassing your opinions and listening to your views.
  • We will seek your opinions either via the website or through personal communications, and take your views forward to the appropriate organisations.
  • Issues may include refuse collection, crime, state of pavements, Heathrow or anything else that affects Bedford Park and which we as residents feel strongly about.

2. We also aim to foster a sense of community and to improve community spirit and                  neighbourliness.

  • Key to this is the support of appropriate other interests in the community, whether it be local charities, schools, the elderly, neighbourhood watch etc.
  • We will work across all existing community groups such as churches, schools, councils and with local councillors to provide an integrated Bedford Park approach.

Most importantly, we will be listening organisation. The more members we have, the more effective we will be, so we hope you will join us and also spread the word.

We are seeking enthusiastic residents to join our committee to help with ideas, organisation and technical input for the website. We also need road representatives for those roads still without representation. If you are interested in helping, do please get in touch.

 Membership costs just £5 per household for 2016.

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