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Bedford Park Street Parties


Bla 1Bedford Park is slowly learning how to hold street parties!  It has previously proved difficult to hold parties, particularly in the Ealing parts of BP.  But Hounslow pioneering easy permits, Ealing has had to ease up on restictions. With no traffic, no parked cars, children playing freely, grown ups relaxed and chatting, it’s like taking a step back into times gone by – a return to life in the slow lane.

In 2015 we saw six street parties taking place in Bedford Park – Marlborough Crescent, Lonsdale Road, Fairfax Road, Flanders Road, Priory Gardens – and the parents of Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School celebrated the school’s centenary with their first-ever street party in Priory Avenue and Gardens.  

It is really noticeable just how enthusiastic people are about their parties. It’s not just that they are fun. Everyone involved thinks they are important in providing a shared history, mixing all the age groups and giving the children the freedom to play outdoors with the other kids on the street – something that used to be taken for granted.  People feel their roads are happier, more sociable and secure places as a result. Click on the button below to read more about the parties and see the photos.

For tips on how to organise your own street party, click: street parties information.

Lonsdale Road

Lonsdale Castle

Lonsdale Road was the first off the mark this year with its 24th annual street celebration.

This year’s event was low key and relaxed. “We’re so experienced, our street parties almost run themselves,” said Alan Donner, the organiser, “they are hardly any effort at all.”

As well as a bouncy castle and games for the children, an open-air film show kept the children occupied while the adults enjoyed their alfresco supper with the now traditional butterflied leg of lamb.


 Fairfax Road

Fairfax 1 2There were special celebrations as this was the 30th annual street party for Fairfax Road. Over the years, they have developed into highly organised, action-packed events that spill over to the Sunday. As usual, there were non-stop football and table tennis competitions and fun games such as “Wrap the Mummy,” involving a great many loo rolls.

Alan the Milk and his band made their regular appearance to provide evening entertainment. On Sunday morning Gavin set up his now legendary Bloody Mary and Bacon Butty Bar. This year the special slide show with lots of photos from the past was a great hit. Each new generation is taking up the tradition and members of the original founding group now bring their grandchildren to share the fun.   


Flanders Road

Flanders 1

Flanders Road held their seventh street party. This was a smaller, informal and very friendly event with the emphasis on kids' activities.

There were numerous games and fun races, a cake competition, pavement painting, water bombs and the ever popular "everybody's a winner" children's talent competition with a powerful portable sound system on hand to tune up the volume when needed. Addiyional musical entertainment was provided on the keyboards by local resident and pop trivia suprmeo, Sean Kelly.

Lloyd Simpson, one of the organisers, admitted he always feels a little apprehensive before the start. "You always wonder if anyone will turne up and then an hour into the event it's the most wonderful feeling when you hear the chatter and see all the interaction around you." Another organiser, Elizabeth Whelan, summed up the day: a wonderful event."



 Blandford Road

Blandford 1Another new entrant to the street party scene this year was Blandford Road. The plan was to keep it simple the first time round. The organisers provided a barbecue lunch and music provided by guitarist James Daubney. The residents came up trumps and produced an impressive selection of delicious salads and desserts.

Around 70 residents attended with an age range of one to 99 years! Long-term residents and newcomers relished this opportunity to meet and chat to neighbours, in some cases for the very first time. The day was declared a big success and there are already plans to repeat the experience and expand it with more games and activities for the children.  



 Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School

School flags

Parents of Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School celebrated the school's centenary by holding the school's first-ever street party in Priory Avenue and Gardens. It proved to be a great success with lots of former and current teachers joining in the fun. The  parents and children enjoyed it so much, there is alreay talk of repeating this activity sometime in the future. "We certainly won't be waiting another 100 years!" said Natasha Domen, one of the organsiers.


Marlborough Crescent


Marlborough Crescent's fourth party was a tremendous success with lots of new activities added to old favourites. One highlight was the Salsa dancing. Fired up by the spectacular Latin American dance demonstrations by Pedro and his two female partners, residents - young and old - took to the street to learn to strut their stuff. This was a truly bonding experience! Gilcombe Farm's pulled pork stand proved to be a major attraction with eager queues throughout the afternoon. Music and atmosphere over lunch was provided by Solid Steel, a steel drum trio. Finally, the long awaited arrival of the fire engine was met by whoops of excitement - and not just from the children!

See more photos of Marlbourough Crescent's party below and for other party photos, click here: street-parties 

  Marlgirl Marl salsa



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