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House History Project Launches

NigelPresentsChimniOn Thursday, the BPRA launched their House History project with a packed event at High Road House.  This was a great social event for people interested in their house history with lots of helpful information about the project and the house history research process itself.

Nigel Walley outlined how the project would be structured and what the BPRA team would be doing to support the participants.

More Info On The Project

In this latest video from the wonderful Chiswick Calendar, the project originator Nigel Walley, talks about what he hopes the project will achieve and shows off some of the web and tablet software that the BPRA will be using to bring the project to life.  

Category: House Histories

Frol's Great Adventure

Bedford Park Resident Francis Oliver Cherry, known as 'Frol', was one of the early participants in our House History project.  He contacted the Association having read the article on Bricks & Brickmaking in Bedford Park on our site here. Frol was intrigued because he owns a house in Stamford Brook built originally by Thomas Hussey who ran the brickfields that supplied many of the bricks used in Bedford Park and Stamford Brook.  

Mel Backe-Hansen Talks 'House Histories'

Mel Backe-Hansen, our resident house historian for the 'BPRA House Histories' project was interviewed this week by Nick Raikes of the Chiswick Calendar.  Exciting times as we lead up to our launch event on 8th September.

Some Tips For Getting Started

This article is the second in our help articles for the History project with some pointers to get you started on your search. .

Useful House History Links

Here are the first batch of useful sites you may wish to visit.  Some sites may charge a fee for a search or for copies of documentation.

How Do We Categorise Our Histories?

This page is intended to help our resident historians structure the information they collect into searchable data. This will help us build the central Bedford Park resource and website that will be the public front page for the project (although you have the final say on what information is made public and what is kept private.