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Issues We Are Addressing

In this section you can find the latest articles and information on the major issues that we are addressing as a Residents Association.  To find the full details of any particular issue, please click on the individual items on menu on the left.

Launch of 'Chiswick Against Third Runway'

ChATRLaunchPhoto Credit - John Steward of HACAN

LogoCroppedLocal MP Ruth Cadbury attended the launch meeting of a new group formed to co-ordinate protests in Chiswick against the Heathrow Third Runway project.  Although the Davies Commission has reported to Government and come out in favour of extending Heathrow, no final decision has been made. Called CHiswick Against the Third Runway or CHATR, the new group is intended to make sure that Chiswick's voice is heard in the debate.  Ruth Cadbury has stated her opposition to the scheme.

CHATR are urging as many Chiswick residents as possible to attend a protest rally being held in Parliament Square this Saturday 10th October between 10.30 and 12.30AM which will be addressed by Mayoral candidate and local MP Zac Goldsmith.  There is a meetup at Turnham Green Station at 9.30AM that morning to ensure that Chiswick travels up as a co-ordinated group.

CHATR's latest press release about the event is enclosed below.

 CHATR can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thames Water Indemnity Deed

Residents under whose property the Tideway Tunnel ( the 'Super Sewer') will pass should have received from Thames Water a statement that they will be indemnified by TW from any subsidence damage to their property caused by the tunnelling, providing that claims are made within a specified time after the Tunnel work has taken place (not starting before 2017).They have also offered to sign an indemnity addressed to the owner of each individual property.

This will not make the indemnity any wider or longer-lasting than exists under the general announcement of the indemnity, but it will create an individual document that can be kept with the deeds and therefore conveniently passed on to a purchaser  of the property. In the BPRA area, this should only be applicable to residents on the East side of Abinger Road and a small number of houses at the very north of Woodstock Road (beyond the Fielding Road junction).  If you are unsure, please look at the maps in our Thames Tunnel Update article here.  BPRA members affected should have applied for and signed the individual indemnity document. You are requested to sign and return it within three weeks of receiving it.

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Thames Water Storm Tanks

Thames Water are still saying they are sorry that people at the North end of Bedford Park may be experiencing odour from the storm tanks in the sewage pumping station on Warple Way (at the end of Woodstock and Southfields Roads). The BPRA has been advised that the smell may get worse when there is wet weather   If any Bedford Park Residents are concerned,we recommend calling the Thames water action line to register their complaint

The number is 0800 316 9800 - quote reference CAP 3/BB967222


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