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First House History Logs Launched

We are making slow but exciting progress with our social history project - the 'Bedford Park House Histories'.  We have successfully accessed Census records from 1939, 1911 and 1901 for all our participants, giving them an insight into who lived in their homes  since they were built. We have also brought together the information from the local history society and library and a group of local historians to add to the information our participants can acess.  

The most exciting development is that we have now rolled out our first 20 test House Logs to participants in the project.  The picture below shows one of the logs set up for the owner of a house in Woodstock Road. Click below to see an example of one of the online history logs that our project participants will be getting.  

You will see that it contains background information on Bedford Park, on the road names and a set of Census entries for a property. Project participants can then add details from their deeds or any other documents they have detailing occupants of their homes.   If you would like to join in the project and get one of the online logs please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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New Map of Listed Properties In BP

We have a new map available to play with showing a live feed of all the listed properties in Bedford Park.  The map is fully interactive and allows you to click on an icon and pull up a picture and description of the building in question. It also covers more than just buildings, listing the phone box outside St Michael's And All Angels (which for those of you intrigued is a 1935 K6 Model, called the 'Jubiliee model' See more information here:

The map was put together by data and mapping expert Dan Cookson - @danc00ks0n - using a data set that has been made available to developers by Historic England.  The map also includes information on the Blue Plaques in the area using data made available by   Dan's map actually covers the whole of the UK but he has kindly shared the Bedford Park section with us.

Please click the 'Read More' for more information or Click here to see the map in full screen.

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Oktoberfest Follow Up Survey

Following the BPRA survey on opinions about the Oktoberfest when it was still a proposal (see original articles here) we are pleased to offer members and residents of Bedford Park another opportunity to lodge their opinion now that the event has happened.

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Chiswick Calendar EU Referendum Debate

Monday 16 May 2016

Tabard Theatre, Bath Road 7.30 pm

aa2fe7 91c862e9a9af4f46bca8d4eb614ae34dThe Chiswick Calendar is hosting a live EU Referendum debate, here in Bedford Park, on 16th May.  Hosted by BBC News presenter Julian Worricker, the debate brings together a panel representing politics, business and journalism to discuss the most important political decision of a generation: Should we go or should we stay? 

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April 2016 Wheelie Bins Update - Ealing

article-2539639-1AAD7EC400000578-635 306x303For Ealing Residents - The majority of the borough will move to a new recycling and rubbish collection system from Monday, 6 June. Residents are being asked to look out for a personalised letter from the Council explaining their new services.

Residents need to let the Council know which bin choices they favour before April 28. Details of the options available are laid out below.

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Wheelie Bin Options

wheelie-bin-sizes-group-detailedThere are three standard wheelie bin sizes generally on offer by both Ealing and Hounslow councils with Ealing Residents allowed to purchase a smaller, recycling specific one in a few circumstances.

We have outlined their sizes and rough capacities below and have provided some helpful information on how to change the sizes you require.


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Interim Results From Oktoberfest Survey

"Survey results show small majority of Residents in favour of the Oktoberfest proposal"

The interim results are available from the the BPRA consultation on the proposed Oktoberfest event to be held on Acton Green adjacent to Turnham Green. (See survey here). The survey results to date show a small majority in favour of the council granting at least a one-off permission for the organisers to hold the event. 

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New Community Group Launches

BPCGLogoSquareWe are very please to announce the launch of a new community group headed up by the recent BPRA Chairman Hugh Johnson.

According to their social media profile, the Bedford Park Community Group will be addressing 'loneliness and disaffection amongst older, retired people in Bedford Park with a particular focus on teaching digital skills'.  To follow them please go to the Facebook page here or the Twitter feed @BedfordParkCG.

We look forward to working together to reduce the number of people struggling with digital illiteracy in Bedford Park.BedfordParkCG

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